Creating beautiful smiles for thirty two years.

Advanced technologies used at Dr. Rakshak's dental care.


Digital Cosmetic Imaging

. Smile design uses scientific principles and measurements created from ancient principles of beauty. Incorporating these designs we can create your new smile.



The Diagnodent Laser Cavity Detector instrument uses radiation free laser beams to check for hidden cavities.

We use the Intra Oral Video to discover the unseen mysteries of your mouth. Computers help us store records regarding your health and maximize your insurance benefits. Our use of our Digital and 35 mm Cameras help use record health issues and perfect our cosmetic skills.


The new Caries Dye Technology assures complete decay removal. The Ultra Sonic Cleaners and Air Polishers used by your hygienist help keep you healthy and your hygiene visits more comfortable.

We have radio laser in our practice.

Consult-pro is a powerful visual educational program available for your viewing in our office.  These programs will describe any dental condition and give you option for treatment.  Please ask for information.

Lumineers and thin no prep( no tooth grinding required) , minimum prep veneers.

Laser surgeries for treating gum disease, planned gum recontouring (gingivectomy and gingivoplasty) to enhance the proportions of the teeth.

Sapphire light -oral cancer screening, nonsurgical oral cancer detection, using a special scope that detects cancer in the deeper layers  of your mucosa, which would be other wise not be detected in early stages by any other means.

Snap on smiles -revolutionary two visit total transformation of your existing smile,  affordable cost  solution that  removably fits over your existing teeth .


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