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Costs & Examinations

We are often asked: "What will it cost for my new beautiful smile?"  Of course some situations are more complicated than others.  Some makeovers require minor changes depending on what you want while others require extensive treatment. What looks beautiful to one may be different for another.  We offer a FREE cosmetic screening evaluation for a general ?look see?.  Generally we allow 15-20 minutes for this courtesy evaluation.  A free intra-oral video camera examination is offered during this time so that you can visualize your main area of concern. You will meet Dr. Rakshak at this appointment. Please call us at (831) 757-2222 to schedule this no charge screening evaluation. 

Cosmetic Work Up:

If you like our suggestions and our office, then we can perform a through cosmetic work up.  The work up includes the following: Digital Oral Photography to analyze your smile and record structural problems,  Smile Design AnalysisCosmetic Imaging as suggestion for possible cosmetic care, Study Models ?plaster casts? of your mouth to evaluate the alignment and bite relationship, Periodontal Examination to assess health of the gums and supporting tissues, Full Dental X-Rays to check for tumors, abscesses, cysts, bone support and cavities;  Oral Cancer Examination using the advanced state of the art "scope" oral cancer screening , TMJ Analysis, General Medical Evaluation as it pertains to your proposed dental care, and other evaluation of general and specific concerns that you may have. This work up includes the assembly of records after which the information is carefully analyzed and a custom treatment plan is made for you. We then discuss with you the possibilities for your new smile. Other options and costs for your care can also be discussed at this consultation visit.  Of course you may proceed directly to the workup examination if you wish, and eliminate the screening appointment.  Please allow 1 hour of your time for the work up appointment.


For Happy, Healthy Smiles:

Careful planning and discussion leads to successful results. Come in for a FREE 15 minute examination, there is a fee for the additional cosmetic work up. Call (831) 757-2222 for more information.  After the cosmetic work up, we can then give you an estimate for the final costs associated with Your Dream Smile!

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